• Beginner Cloudformation: Part 3

    Welcome back, this is part 3 of AWS Cloudformation tutorial. In this post we’re going to use some more of the template subsections to abstract out the template a bit more, as well as look at some command line options and feedback, and work with some intrinsic functions. We’ll build on the simple s3 bucket template we created in the last tutorial.

  • Beginner Cloudformation: Part 2

    Welcome to Part 2 of Cloudformation tutorial series. Here’s your first template to create a basic s3 bucket. I’m going to post the template then do a little discussion about it.

  • Beginner Cloudformation: Part 1

    Infrastructure as code is a rather revolutionary development in the tech world. Cloudformation being the major IaC format for AWS.

  • Hello World

    Welcome to the first post of this AWS blog. Tales of AWS land shall be spun here.